The Company


Our Company has actually come together around a typical dedication to public education.

Our company believe that the only way to provide every child the chance to pursue an abundant and efficient life, both separately and as a member of society, is through a system of openly moneyed, fair and democratically regulated public schools. The concepts listed below show our collaborations to specify our vision for public education and to differentiate our vision from that of the present business program. Now, more than ever, access to great public schools is a vital civil and human. We are dedicated to collaborating to recover the pledge of public education as our country's entrance to democracy and racial and financial justice.


Our Company districts need to be assisted by a dedication to supply all kids with the chance to go to a quality public school in their neighborhood. The business design of school reform looks for to turn public schools over to personal supervisors and motivates competitors-- instead of cooperation-- in between schools and instructors. These techniques remove the general public's right to have a voice in their regional schools, and naturally produce winners and losers amongst both schools and trainees. Our most susceptible kids end up being civilian casualties in these reforms. We will decline that.